Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Big Girl Design: So Much Color

Lillie and Dani have begun voicing opinions about their room. Next year, I plan to bunk their beds, so I think that will be a good time to do some redesign. I want the decor to be something that can stay with them through the tween years. (I may like makeovers, but they are so much work, I don't want to do them all the time!)

The most surprising thing is that they have agreed on nearly everything for the room! Even today, Dani said that she wanted the bottom bunk so she could make a "Dani cave." (This may have been helped by the fact that I said I could add string lights so she could read at night.)

I have to relish in all the cooperation and agreement on design. I doubt it will last too long.

Can't you just picture this with glowing lights?
source: Annipalanni the blog

The first thing they decided was a need for some color on the doors. At first, we were just going to paint the closet door bright pink. But then Lillie didn't find this too fair since purple is her favorite color (even though their bathroom is purple), but Dani was cool with it. We'll be painting the closet and the main door each two colors--purple and blue and pink and yellow.

source: Honey We're Home

Then, to complement the pattern on the doors, we'll be doing a big pattern on the wall behind the beds in all four of the colors.

source: Habitually Chic
I figure this big bold design will be good for them as little girls and will hopefully still be cool as they get older. If not, posters and art can cover it, right?

We're still working out the curtains since green is now so taboo. ("Mommy, green is not our favorite color.") I'm leaning towards white with pom-pom edging. I may like color, but I don't need it to be overwhelming.

The plans are slowly coming together, and I hope to have everything planned out by December since I'd like to make the changes around their sixth birthday.

Wow. Sixth birthday. I think I need a moment.

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