Friday, March 25, 2011

My Favorite Things

Without this nifty little gadget, my girls may have gone too long between diaper changes or missed bottles. I don't know where my brain went when they were born, but the Itzbeen helped me seem slightly sane. My husband and I were so dependent on those things that we didn't tell time anymore, it was always how long it had been since something happened. I still use it to keep up with naps and diaper changes.

Fisher-Price Happy Days and Nights Diapers
Through Amazon's Subscribe and Save and Mom programs, these diapers cost me $13.99 per case. That's the best thing ever. Secondly, they work really well! I've only experienced two leaks with them and it's because I used a daytime diaper for longer than I should have (over three hours). I'm sure Pampers and Huggies make thinner diapers, but a little extra bulk is nothing to balk at when I'm saving a bundle. (I did that alliteration on purpose.)

Extremely adorable clothes that are well made and last. The sizes are true to my kids, and I don't believe I've ever paid full price since they will send or give you a handful of coupons every time you show. 

We have Circo clothes, socks, toys, storage containers and two adorable hedgehog bean bag chairs. Target's go-to kids brand is amazing.

Bumkins Junior Bibs
We have tried all kinds of bibs at meal time, but these are perfect. The girls cannot pull them off since they have sleeves. They're big enough to cover their laps, and they are super easy to clean. Bonus--they come in really cute patterns!

Perdue Breaded Chicken Nuggets
All-natural baked chicken with a whole grain breaded crust. They take 90 seconds to warm in the microwave, and even when the girls are going through a picky phase, they will eat these. They are the best quick meal. I just wish they came in a Costco-sized freezer bag.

Sprout Stage 3 Meals
Honestly the closest I've ever seen to real food in any baby food. The lasagna has actual ground beef. The macaroni and cheese has a variety of cheeses with butternut squash and real noodles. Their line includes oatmeal with mixed berries, pumpkin peach pie, and ginger chicken.   Plus there are herbs and spices. I'm a foodie, so this is the best baby food to get my girls to be foodies-in-training. It does cost a little more than Gerber or Beech-Nut, but it's worth it. Buy them through Amazon, and they're even cheaper.

Amazon Subscribe & Save and Amazon Mom
Speaking of Amazon... Because of these two programs, I rarely buy diapers in the store. I just don't see the point. I save up to 30%, and it's delivered to my door in two days. And now, as soon as I know they like a certain food, I'll buy a case of it and save myself some more money. Sign up if you haven't already; it's free.