Thursday, January 7, 2010

Now It's Uncomfortable

Yesterday, I hit the 31 week mark. This week, according to
  • Mac and Cheese weigh more than 3 pounds and are 11 inches long from crown to rump, about the length of a bunch of bok choy.
  • Their reproductive systems continue to develop.
  • Their lungs are now more developed but are not completely mature.
  • As trillions of brain connections develop, they are already using all five senses.
They're the size of bok choy! This is particularly funny because Mom was saying how nice the bok choy looked at Publix yesterday, so I have a perfect picture of bok choy in my head. :D

If I actually make it to 40, I have nine weeks left. NINE! If I make it to my goal of 37 weeks (ha! I know. Goals in pregnancy!), I have a month and a half left. It's so close...

In my OB rotation, Dr. Dykes told me that I'm about the size of a full term singleton mom, so I'm sure people look at me and probably wonder how I can possibly be out and about when I could burst any day. But walking around for short periods of time actually makes me feel better.

I also regularly get "are you ready for them to be here now?" My answer is usually no. Mostly because I still feel like there's a lot to do to prepare for their arrival, plus I want them to stay inside as long as possible to insure they don't have to stay in the NICU for very long (or at all).

Give me another day or two, and ask that question again. I think my answer might change.

Sleeping hasn't always been the best, but now it feels as if there's a bowling ball on my pelvis every time I try to turn over. If I sleep on my left side, my lower back hurts a lot. If I sleep on my right side, I somehow always tuck my hand under and wake up with big fat puffy hands and no circulation in the right one. Plus, sleeping on the right means I must turn over to get out of the bed--and there's that damn bowling ball again. (The upside is I've added an extra pillow to my routine, and the pain in my hips is all but gone.)

I've tried taking a nap in the recliner which is by far more comfy than the bed right now, but I can't recline completely since it creates this interesting sensation that my daughters are rolling into my ribs. For some, I'm sure this sounds fun, but it's really not.

I'm also experiencing this new pain that feels like I just rode a horse far, far too long. It only happens after I've been in one position for long periods of time--especially after sleeping. I've been searching online for answers, and I think it could be Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. I, of course, will ask the doctor when I have my next appointment (on my birthday), but all those symptoms feel right. Hopefully, some of my physical therapy exercises from the days of bad knees might help relieve some of the pain.

I'm sorry to be such a downer these past two entries, but it's just been the way. Most of this pregnancy has been great. No serious pain, no morning sickness, no complications. I think it happens to most women, though--when the end is near, it's get a little tougher.

The wonderful thing, as it has been the whole time, is feeling little Mac and Cheese move. I can really just watch them now. I'll sit on the sofa and just stare at my belly. Most of the time is just a big thump here and there, but when they really get moving, it's like a dance party! I keep saying I'm going to get my camera and just have it ready so everyone can see, but I'm sure it's only fascinating to about five people other than Tim and me.


  1. lol I had to go google images of Bok Choy! LOL

    I am hoping I am include in the 5 other people besides mommy and daddy that would like to see the sister dancing. ;)

  2. How did I miss this when you posted it originally?? I can totally relate. I'm at week 38 with a singleton and the past 2 weeks have been rough. The bowling ball sensation... you were being too kind. I feel more like a beetle stuck on its back and trying desperately to rock back to my feet. I think you're right, though, that as perfect a pregnancy might be, the last weeks are incredibly difficult and filled with pain and frustration. Glad you made it through... I'll make it, too! :)