Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tandem Feeding!

So I've started reading two books: Mothering Multiples and Unbuttoned. So far, Unbuttoned is the more entertaining and informative book, but there's definitely some worthwhile information in the other as well. The most interesting thing to me right now is tandem feeding. Since sleep and time is so precious to new moms, I'm very much on board about trying to tandem feed my girls. If I don't get the hang of it right away, that's okay. I will keep trying. The idea of being able to feed them both at once sounds so, so, so much nicer than feeding one and then feeding the other. On top of the time saved so Mommy can get a little more rest, they also get to be close to one another while being close to me!

Today, after reading about tandem feeding. I decided to do a search online about the subject. As with most searches, I came up with some helpful pages and a whole lot of not helpful pages. I came across three pictures that were inspiring, and one that made me make a decision that I will most likely stick to, no matter how my breastfeeding experience goes.

First, let's check out ultimate multi-task mom. She's not only tandem breastfeeding, she's chatting up someone on the phone, having a meal, AND she's still in the hospital. Nice work...but what is she telling the person on the other line exactly? How important a phone call could that possibly be? "Oh, I'm just breastfeeding twins and eating dinner, but I can take this call from Aunt Marge."

Though I have no intention of trying to multitask in my room at Williamson Medical, I am definitely sold on that nursing pillow she's using. I was going back and forth about getting a twin nursing pillow, but just from this picture, I realize how helpful it can be!

I snagged this picture from the wonderful twin website Twin Pregnancy and Beyond, but this woman is inspiring not because she's gone hands-free; it's because of the huge smile on her face! I've heard stories of women really enjoying breastfeeding while others see it as a chore and some just see it as the best miracle on earth. To me, this woman is smiling not only because her little ones are being fed, but because she successfully has two little ones latched on and that pillow is so awesome that she doesn't have to hold them! Again...totally getting that pillow.

Lastly, the one that's not inspiring.  I can't post it on my site since it's got copyright blocks, but you can go see it here. I'm happy this woman looks like she's enjoying herself. I'm happy it looks like her children are getting their fill. But both of those children look a bit out of the breastfeeding stage. The one of the left is probably still good to go--just crawling or walking, so that's cool with me. There are plenty of women who breastfeed up until 12 months if not 18 months. The one on the right, though? How old is that kid? 3? 4? I'm pretty sure that if my child can run around and play on a swingset that my breast is no longer a source of food. Sorry if I've offended anyone, but I'm pretty much going to be done with the breastfeeding when they can talk to me (if not before that).

So that's my little schpeel on tandem feeding and the lovely pictures on the Internet. What are your thoughts?


  1. I totally agree with you about those kids being too old. BUT the average age that kids breast feed until is 4. That's also world wide. If I were in an undeveloped country and had access to guaranteed, free food for my kids, I'd probably breast feed until they were 4 too! :)

    About the pillow: are you going to be able to get them to feed at the same time? Is that just a matter of getting them on the same schedule? Have you thought about pumping and having Tim feed one of the girls? I've heard of some couples doing that. That way it gets the father involved in the whole dinner time thing! :)

  2. If I can't always do tandem feeding (or can never get the hang of it), I'm going to start with breastfeeding them one at a time. But if needed, I would pump and have Tim (or whomever is helping me at the time) feed one of them. Then they would switch with each feeding.

  3. An even more open mind might make us all even happier. I found the woman with the older nursing children warming my heart. Look at the face of the older child, and the hand of the mother TOUCHING. On the other hand (no pun intended) the gift of touching hands can be lost in the other photos, and that saddens me even as I understand that as a male, I have no idea how many hands are needed.