Thursday, November 19, 2009

Report from the Sofa

Even though I was very nervous last night/early this morning about my ultrasound today, it turns out everything is okay. The girls are doing great. In fact, they showed off for their grandmothers a little bit today. And, the best news of all, I'm off bed rest!!!! *Happy dance*

I'm still on limited activity, but I can go teach the rest of the quarter and get my own lunch and get off the sofa whenever I want. That's quite nice. I'm going in for another cervical measurement next week, so let's hope that my limited activity and no meds works just as well as bed rest and meds so that I can just take it easy until February instead of being absolutely miserable on the sofa or in the bed until February.

So, to celebrate my liberation from the sofa, I started painting the letters for the nursery. One girl's name is nearly done, and I'll probably work on the other tomorrow. I would love to post a picture, but since we're not sharing the names right now, that would be quite difficult.


  1. Wait, so you do have names, but aren't telling? Are you waiting until they're born?

  2. Yep. They both have names, but we're debating if we're going to share with everyone before they're born. Parents and siblings know, but that's it right now.