Monday, September 17, 2012

Mommy's Big Boo-Boo

On September 5, I was in a car accident. It scared me half to death, but luckily, I came out of it with only bruises and a fractured wrist. The car, on the other hand, will spend its life in a junk yard.

Even though the girls weren't with me, they are still dealing with the aftermath because Mommy didn't just fracture her wrist. Mommy fractured her left wrist and will be in a cast for at least eight weeks.

I'll say the first couple of days were a nightmare, but I'm starting to get used to dealing better with the "biiiig bandaid" on my arm, and I think I'll be able to get through the next six weeks fairly well.

The girls still get upset when I say I can't pick them up or when it takes me a lot longer to change a diaper, but they always say "I'm sorry Mommy" if they accidentally run into me. And they want to knock on my cast to make sure it still feels like it did the last time they touched it. I was going to let them color it, but I'm not sure I trust toddlers with Sharpies.

Another aftermath is the state of our former vehicle. The girls really only knew our blue Equinox, and when I brought home all their toys and books that used to live in the backseat, they asked why they weren't in "my blue car" anymore. Many, many times we had to explain that the car got squished and broken and that it wouldn't be coming back to live with us. They asked everyday about the blue car and why it was gone. I felt bad every time I had to say that it got broken and that's why Mommy has a big boo-boo.

I realized that the connection between the car and my cast sunk in when Tim told me Lillie cried when I left to go to the doctor. She was afraid that I would come home with another boo-boo. It broke my heart.

I know that my two-year olds don't understand the gravity of my car accident, but they understand that I left in the car and came home with a cast. Lillie doesn't get upset anymore, but I still think she's wondering if I (or Daddy) will come home with a boo-boo when we leave in the car.


  1. I can so relate to this having had to leave my 2 year old for 6 weeks when I was hospitalized. (well, you know about my story). She vaguely remembers it & had some issues to work thru, but I figure better to work thru that than her mommy not surviving. Hugs to you, mama!

  2. That's really sweet... Here's hoping there will be plenty of occasions to remind her that even though a car can be a dangerous object, when handled responsibly it can make for pleasant experiences.

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