Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Ikea Hack

For months (OK, it may actually be years), I have been looking for a great piece to go in our makeshift entryway. I needed it to be no more than 12 inches deep and 50 inches wide. I wanted to have closed storage to keep the girls out of it, and I didn't want it to be too cookie cutter. Every single piece I found fit only one of my criteria. In fact, the dream piece I found at Pottery Barn (for a mere $599!) is too big for the space.
Expensive, but beautiful!
I'd finally found a piece--or pieces rather--that worked for me: closed storage, the right dimensions, and...well, they're a little cookie cutter because they're from Ikea. I knew that I could take these boring pine dressers and make them my own.

I purchased two Rast Dressers through ModerNash (love you guys!). I also purchased some stain, new knobs and some foam brushes. That way, these cookie cutter dressers could become what I wanted them to be.

So here you go.

And (drumroll please...) the after! Well, not exactly the after; it's more the in progress. Eventually, I plan to make these two dressers look like one as well as add legs to bump it up about six inches. For now, though, I really am proud of the work I did. 

I'll take some better pictures in the future when I've done a little more work on it, but I was just too excited to not share right now. What do you think?


  1. I think it's coming along very nicely. Can't believe you manage to do things like this with two toddlers. Ah, the energy of youth!

  2. Hey Faith! Thanks for the plug. I'm impressed with what you've done with the RAST units. Would you mind if I post this to the ModerNash Facebook page? I was telling my wife that when you purchased these I thought to myself, "these don't seem like Faith's typical style", yet little did I know you had bigger plans! Anyhow, well done, would love to see the finished product whenever you have an update.

  3. Sure! I would be so honored if you posted my blog on the ModerNash FB page. I'm happy you like what I did.