Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nine Month Report

Nine months. It's just three short months until Lillie and Dani are one year old. This has been the most spectacular (in all meanings of the word) three quarters of a year I've ever experienced.

This past month, my little girls have really starting babbling. There are lots of "dadadada" and "babababa." Dani loves "dat dat dat." Lillie seems to lean towards "gagaga" a lot. Maybe I should stop singing "Bad Romance" to them.

Lillie also mastered pulling up all on her own. She no longer needs help from Mommy to get to the window, the ottoman, the gate or the edge of her crib, but she sometimes asks for it anyway. In fact, they've both become master climbers. Dani has no qualms about crawling right over my legs, Tim's legs, her sister. Lillie doesn't like that last one so much.

They're eating finger foods as well: fruit puffs, cheese and veggie puff sticks, a little French toast, yogurt melts, and a couple of green beans. They've also gotten egg yolks and shredded cheese, both of which they seem to enjoy. We also began three meals a day instead of two. It's not exactly routine yet, but anytime the girls get to eat is a good time for them.

Mommy had her own milestone. Tim went on a business trip, and I put the girls to bed by myself for four straight nights. A couple of the nights were not so awesome, but overall, it wasn't so bad. I'm very thankful to have great friends and family nearby to help me out, so it wasn't a week of lonely Faith with the babies.

The girls also went to their first and second (of many) WKU football games. It was the longest they've been in the car at one time as well as the longest they've had to sit since becoming mobile. The Toppers lost both times, but the girls did really well.

Growth spurts are happening too. They both seem to be growing into and out of clothes faster than usual. They are reaching things they couldn't reach before, and they seem much heavier than just a month ago. Wow. Three quarters of a year... Amazing.


  1. Beautiful girls! I don't have kids of my own (yet), but I've really enjoyed watching my nieces and nephews grow up. The oldest is 10 and the youngest just born on 30 October. Every stage is so much fun and something new. When they are immobile babies they cuddle, have a great grip, especially for hair and earrings and I could stare at them sleeping forever. The cruising stage is fun too, but just a preview about how fast they will move when they get their balance and don't need the furniture. I have to say I'm not envious of you going through that with two at the same time. The 2 and 4 year old nephews say the funniest things from simple observations. THe 6 year old niece is destined to be a dancer or actress (very dramatic) and the 10 year old niece will be the next Amelia Earhart. She already has her flight plan around the world. It's sooo much fun (as an aunt) and challenging too (as a parent). Good luck!

  2. Your girls are amazing. You and Tim are good parents and you are a very proud mom. I can tell by your photos and comments. Please continue to send reports. I love it. Stay in touch and I look forward to seeing them soon.

    Your Auntie,

  3. How sweet! You've got a lot of major milestones happening. Mine are 14 months and I can tell you your life is going to change so much over the next few months. Your girls will become more independent in some ways, playing on their own, but will also start major freakout when you leave the room. They will be onto EVERYTHING, and mine seem to have a knack for knowing what they are NOT supposed to have and go straight for that. You will also start seeing them truly play together. It is so magical that it is totally worth the fighting for toys and biting that will also come.

  4. Stopping by from Multiples and More. You have some very cute girls. My twin girls just turned two this past month. We are past the stage where they have to search out and destroy everything, but we are still working through the "mine" stage. Every stage can be a challenge, but there are so many joys too. :o)