Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy on Mommy's Terms

Let me warn you now. I'm about to pull out my soapbox. I don't do it very often, and I definitely wouldn't usually do it on my mommy blog. But today, that box is coming out.

It's about Happy Meals and San Francisco. If you don't know what I'm talking about, pick an article to read here, then come back and finish reading my rant.

I'm pretty politically moderate. I believe in marriage for all consenting adults. I believe helping those who are sick, but I'm not too sure our government should be the ones in charge of it. I also don't think our government should be in charge of telling me what my children should be eating. Now, I understand that the ban on Happy Meals isn't really a ban on Happy Meals. It's a ban on high calorie, high fat, low nutrition meals with a toy. If the meal has fruit or veggies attached, a toy can be brought into the mix. But again, why the hell does there need to be a law for it?

There are plenty of people in this world who should not raise children. Hell, there are plenty of people in this world who shouldn't raise fish. For the most part, though, their are good parents in these here United States, and they can take care of their own children's well being without a bunch of people who probably don't have children eating at McDonald's messing with a meal that kids have been eating for friggin' decades.

There are certain laws that I find necessary. There are laws that help us, as a people, function relatively harmoniously. I am a fan of the no smoking in restaurants and most buildings law. Smoking is a right that we all have, but your smoke will invade my breathable space. Take it outside please. The person next door to me deciding to give their child chicken nuggets and some french fries does not invade my privacy, my well being, or even figure into my day.

I would like to thank San Francisco's mayor for not agreeing with the ludicrous idea.

Now I'll put my soapbox away.


  1. To answer your question over on the multiples network yes I do see an intense bond between my twins as apose to the non multiple kids in my gang of kids, I have been working on a post about it.
    The "big" (by 45 min) sister Julie-Ann is my passive baby she has a fierce protection over her twin Kendryk. I was not sure how Kendryk's CP would affect that bond but it hasn't.
    Today in Kendryk's log from daycare(from her 1 to 1 aide) she had a hard time working with Kendryk today because Julie-Ann was walking up putting her arm on Kendryk's chest and yelling stop to her aide. If you give Julie-Ann 2 of anything she gives one to Kendryk give her only 1 and she will melt down so her sister can have one too!
    They talk different from my older kids I have a good ear for toddler talk but some of the things they say are not really translatable but they get it and the know what they are talking about.
    It is pretty neat to see this though!

  2. hmmm, I would say

    "I'm pretty politically moderate. I believe in marriage for all consenting adults. I believe health care should be offered to all legal citizens, but I'm not too sure our government should be the ones in charge of it."

    means you are politically liberal not moderate.
    That being said....I totally agree about the happy meals! What a joke! Our government shouldn't be dipping their hands into our kids happy meals

  3. Lindsi, you're right, those do both sound a little liberal! Hahaha. Believe me, I do tend to be moderate, but that's a whole 'nother blog. :D

    I mostly want our government to stay out of my personal business. Maybe we would all be a happier society if we weren't being babysat by a bunch of suits in DC.

  4. Faith
    I totally agree with you 100%...the government thinks we are a bunch of children and they think we need to have our hands held when crossing the street. After these happy meals...what comes next? Are they going to make coffee illegal because it provides no nutritional value ???