Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Big Girl Design: The Beginning

If you know me at all, you know that I'm slightly obsessed with a few things: sci-fi television, Harry Potter, and interior design. I'll let you guess what this blog is about.

Tim and I finally came to an agreement on the big girl beds for Lillie and Dani. Check them out here. For me, the plan is to begin with the beds and leave the rest of the room (mostly) as is. Over the next year or so, I will transform (pardon me for imagining the word "transform" being said in some big booming voice with an echo effect) the baby/toddler room into a big girl room that will hopefully stay that way through their tween years.

The only solid plan is the wall color. It's currently a nice neutral (Vanilla Brandy from Olympic), so I plan to keep them that color. Bright accents with a neutral background are far more appealing than bright walls that could be outgrown faster.

Most of the other design elements are just ideas I have brewing, so I thought I would start sharing because there are soooo many. I also happen to have two little girls who are a bit opinionated when it comes to their room decor, so I'm allowing them to put in their two cents (four cents?) as well.

Already bought the bedding (green for D and purple for L).

I love these blankets and plan to do something similar in coordinating colors for each of them.

Both Dani and Lillie fell in love with this cat pattern fabric. I'm thinking pillow cases or throw pillows for their beds. It's cute, but I couldn't take it in large doses. :D

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