Sunday, June 2, 2013

These Are My Feet (Sorry)

I debated posting this because most people hate feet. I'm one of those people. Feet aren't pretty to me, and mine especially aren't pretty. My feet are tired and stiff at the end of most days. I don't like shoes, so my bare feet take a daily beating, roughing up my soles and toes. As a stay-at-home/working mom, I rarely have time to go get a pedicure, so I usually do all my foot grooming at home. Alas, I'm just no professional, and I have not been doing my feet justice.

Over the past few years, I've had lots of trouble with dry skin. Not the kind of dry skin that just needs lotion and socks, but the kind of dry skin that results in peeling and cracking and painful cuts on my feet. I've tried all kinds of different treatments to make the skin on my feet better--including visiting a dermatologist. (On a separate note, the people at Skin Solutions in Cool Springs are terrible.) Some things have helped, but nothing has really reversed the condition...until now. (Excuse me while I jump into infomercial mode.)

Avon Pedi Peel
Avon carries a line of foot care products that I will now stand by forever. I've used their callus cream and salt scrub, and both of those have made my feet nicer for short periods of time. In fact, I recommend them to people who suffer from normal dry feet. It wasn't enough for me though.

This week, I got the Dual Action Pedi Peel. I've used it in the past, and it worked well enough. Avon stopped selling it for a long time, but when it came back, I decided to get it again. I think they've updated the formula, and I'm ecstatic. I've used it--combined with the Lavender Overnight Cream--three times (THREE), and I almost cried over the results. I think the combination of Overnight Cream and Pedi Peel is the key.

OK. I'm about to show you pictures of my feet. Don't look if you don't want to.

My right foot doesn't appear to be as bad, but I always got the deep cuts on my big toe. OUCH!

My left foot wins the award for grossness. I think I moved beyond dry skin, and I'm now just molting.

My foot almost looks normal!!! I can't believe it. 

I still have some deep crevices there on my toe, but I no longer appear to be molting!!!

I must remind you, this is only three applications. THREE!! So if you're having trouble with your feet, go buy some Avon Pedi Peel and Lavender Overnight Cream. It's awesome.

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  1. thanks! I have been battling this for years and Im going to try this.