Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cutting the Curl

This week, we started potty training. And I actually thought my first entry back after a super-long hiatus would be about just that, but no. I'll write about potty training next week. Today, I'm talking about Dani's hair.

Both of my girls have hair issues. Lillie likes to twirl her hair. It used to be pretty bad--twirling it into little knots that would be near impossible to remove. Now, it's just a matter of looking like she's got bedhead most of the day because she pulls it out of every single hairstyle I give her. (I swear, everyone who's ever seen us in public, I comb her hair!) It's annoying, but it's manageable.

Dani's is becoming not-so-manageable. Dani screams as if someone has drawn and quartered her whenever I do anything to her hair. If someone else combs it, moisturizing it or tries to style it in any way, she gets very distressed with the trembling lip and all. When it comes to Mommy, it's DefCon 5. Tonight, she kicked me, pinched me and threw herself on the floor multiple times, and that was just when she saw me put leave-in conditioner in the palm of my hand.

I think the only answer is to cut her hair.

I don't want to. I really and truly don't, but I just can't come up with another solution. If it's short, it won't get tangled and it will simply be easier to manage until she's old enough to hold in the tantrum while I style it. Will she be upset about losing her awesome messy 'fro? Maybe. Will I be upset? Definitely.  Will she still look adorable with a shorter, curly 'fro? Of course. So I don't know why it's bothering me so much. It just is.

Can someone give me words of encouragement? Another idea? Everything's welcome!


  1. I understand this reluctance to cut your little girl's hair. Although my oldest's daughter's hair had far from the curl your Dani's does, I loved my wee one's beautiful long, naturally wavy hair. But it was so thick and it did get so tangley, plus stinky (LOL), which made shampooing necessary every day. Then when she was two years old & her twin brothers came along, I just didn't have time for dealing with it. It was hard to do it because her hair was so pretty, but oh, she looked so cute with it short too! It'll be fine. Can't wait to see pix of Dani with a cute do.

  2. It always seems sad when the 'first' haircut is done ... probably because it is a sure sign of the little one growing up! Should you decide that it is time for it, remember the beauty of hair is that it will grow back. ;-) I would just suggest that you consider that it will no longer be able to be put up in a pony tail/pig tails until it does grow back so you may want to think about timing (i.e. do you want to have a chance of it growing out before the hot weather starts -- or -- will you want it at its shortest for the hot weather). I am sure she will be a cutie-pie regardless of her hairstyle but it is a hard decision to make (the first time).