Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let's Make Art!!

In an effort to come up with more activities for the girls AND to do some DIY decor around the house, I came up with the (brilliant) idea of having the girls paint an abstract for the family room. I'm not going to lie, in my head I envisioned bright colors flung about on the large canvas. There was definitely flinging, but mostly it was smearing and giggling as they splashed paint with the sponges and painted everything including the concrete, the grass, and the retaining wall.

The final result was not exactly amazing. OK, it was amazing for toddler art but not for my wall. I decided to start over by painting the entire canvas white. This was the result: 

I actually thought that looked pretty cool, but it was too boring. Plus I had Mommy Guilt for covering up my daughters' art. So I let this new paint dry, added masking tape and gave them another go with some brighter paint. And voila!

Now we have an L&D original hanging on our wall in the family room. When they're a bit older, I'll have them sign it.