Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's Potty Time!'s almost potty time. The girls are showing an increasing interest in pees and poos and potties, so I know the time is approaching for me to put on my big fat patience hat and get on the potty

As always, I must approach this with a plan as well as an arsenal of supplies. I've started with the supplies because the plan is still overwhelming me.

First up, the actual potty. I looked at a bunch of different ones, but in the end, it came down to price and design. The winner? The Ikea L├ąttsam. It's $5 and all one piece which makes it easy on the wallet and easy on the clean freak in me. I intended to get two of each in different colors--red and pink--so the girls would know which potty was which.

Ikea had different intentions. After three trips to the Atlanta Ikea, the wonderful guys at ModerNash only found green and black. I asked a friend, and the Austin Ikea only had green. In the end, I settled with four green ones. In typical Faith fashion, I plan to decorate each potty so the girls will know which is which. (I promise to post pics of pretty potties.)

Next up, the trainers. A while back I decided against disposables. Both Lillie and Dani will tell me they are wet, but neither of them seem to really care unless they've leaked. Disposable trainers seem to be glorified disposable diapers (in my opinion), so I thought it would be nicer to go cloth so the girls will be more aware of their wetness. There are a gazillion adorable cloth trainers out there, but most of them cost an arm and a leg. If I were purchasing diapers that would be worn for a couple of years, I'd have no problem paying $12-$15 per diaper, but when I hope training will only take a couple of months, I don't see the need to spend that much.

Gerber and Babies R Us both have some nice inexpensive ones, but all the reviews said they weren't absorbant at all. I don't need them to be super absorbant, but I would prefer not to have lots of puddles to clean. Enter Carter's (extremely adorable) trainers! They cost a little more than Gerber, but far less than some others I'd been eyeing.

Next are the wipes. Toilet paper is fine and dandy, but I think flushable wipes are better. I may change my mind at some point in time, but right now I've planned on using flushables. Both Pampers and Wet Ones make a flushable wipe. The Pampers Kandoo are great because they come is a large tup with a cute picture on the front. (Dani is obsessed with frogs right now, so the frog is a selling point. Sue me.)

This list is still growing. I'd also like to get a step stool so they can wash their hands more easily as well as some potty only toys and/or books. Those parents that have been through the training gauntlet, do you have any advice? I would really appreciate it!


  1. We have the step stool for the sink (and anything else he wants to reach), but I learned that it's better to go to the hardware section and get the ugly black stool that will hold 300 lbs than the cute little kids' stools because they are not as sturdy, not quite as tall (an important factor for the sink), and a host of other things like the fact that big ol' mama can use it as a chair during bathtime in our tiny bathroom. Our favorite potty isn't the one piece that stays in the basement, but the froggy potty made by Fisher Price. He pulls the insert out and sits on it while it's inside a potty insert on the big potty if he wants to sit on the big potty. I love the size of the splash guard compared with others I've seen, too, but that isn't relevant to you. We are using the Gerber training underwear (but not the ones with the built-in plastic cover) with Bummis whisper pants when we go out in public. We use them without around the house- and puddles aren't that big of a problem most of the time. Most of the time, they absorb the pee just fine. We use Cottonelle or Scott flushable wipes sometimes, but mostly regular toilet paper or cloth wipes, so thumbs up to Kandoo! What else? Hmmm. BOOKS! You need a basket of books in the bathroom. We have the ever-continuing favorite Everyone Poops, as well as an Usborne potty book that he really likes, but mostly all kinds of different reading material to look at while he sits. It helps to give them a glass of water while they sit, too. Ask not "Do you have to go potty?" but say, "I have to go potty. Come on, let's go sit on the potty" (or whatever variation). Potty chairs are great fun to sit on while catching up on the 20 min kid's show, too. OH! And this is what you're secretly dreading: the inevitable poop in the underwear and having to pull them off... I have learned that most of the poop down the legs thing can be minimized if I pretend the underwear is the plastic bag I use when picking up after the dogs on walks and grab the poop into the fabric before pulling them down the kid's legs- and ALWAYS do this while they lie back for you! :D Trying to change poopy underwear on a standing toddler means you will be cleaning up the whole room, changing your clothes and theirs. Good luck! We're doing about 60/40 on wins and misses now, after picking up steam this month. Sorry for writing a novel. BTW,I miss you lots. Glad I stopped in to check in with ya!

    1. I'd been eyeing a solid wood step stool from Ikea that's taller than a kid's stool, but I think just getting one at the hardware store is a good idea. I'll probably end up spray painting it or something to match their bathroom. Heck, if they're cheap enough, I'll buy one for both bathrooms. Their cousin uses the Fisher Price potty, which will be my next purchase if the Ikea ones don't go over well. But when buying four, I couldn't pass up the price.

      I'm probably going to buy both the Gerber and Carter's trainers to start, figure which works best, and then stick with those. Thanks for the advice on the poop removal. Good to know! I think I may purchase a package of surgical gloves. :D