Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter and the Eggs

Don't I wish I could decorate like this!
Easter is next weekend, and I'm ashamed to say that I didn't realize that until I saw a big sign at Publix reminding me. Oops.

On Easter Sunday, I've promised my mom that I will take the girls to church. This will be their first time going to church, and I'm curious how it will go. My mom is super excited and has said she doesn't care if they run around like crazy children, but I care, so I've already planned to take them over to the nursery/daycare area if they just can't sit still. They also have these sailor dresses they will be wearing. When we got them as a gift, I had no clue where they could possibly wear them, but I must confess, they are absolutely perfect Easter attire. I promise to deliver plenty of pictures...or at least a couple.

We probably won't be going to visit the Easter Bunny at the mall because I just don't see spending money to wait in line to take pictures that may or may not cause fear in my 14-month olds right now. Plus, the Easter Bunny near us creeps me out a bit. I am considering taking them to an egg hunt, though. They love to run around and pick up things, so why not make a morning of it? I just can't seem to decide which one...

Belmont Mansion 
The mansion's egg hunt is a free event on the grounds. There will be three separate egg hunts starting at thirty minute intervals with the first one at 1pm. There are no age limits on the site or parental involvement restrictions, so I assume the girls can go. Plus, I haven't been to Belmont Mansion since I was in elementary school.

Nashville Zoo
Eggstravaganzoo at the zoo has separate hunts divided by age group. We already have a membership, so this event would be free for us. There will also be eggs "hunted" by the animals, face painting, and games. The girls probably won't play any games, but they do enjoy people-watching.

Tennessee Central Railway Museum
This isn't even in consideration because the cost of a ticket for children under 12 is $20 and $31 for adults, but I think it would be really fun when the girls are older. You take a train ride from Nashville to Watertown, TN where the egg hunt takes place. The Easter bunny rides the train with you, and as long as you have your own camera, you can take pictures with him (or her or it, which is it?). I do think the girls would enjoy the train ride, but the cost just isn't justifiable quite yet.

So what are you doing for Easter? Family dinner? Church and breakfast? Any egg hunts? For locals, I'm sure there are hunts that I've missed, so let me know if there are some you attend.


  1. I think the Zoo one sounds AWESOME. Could I tag along if you don't mind? *hugs*

  2. I'm leaning towards the zoo as well. I especially like the age category thing. Maybe we can do Belmont next year or something.