Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Things I've Learned

The craziest year of my life has come to a close, but just like every other year I have made resolutions--to be more organized, to be healthier, to be more productive. With little ones underfoot, maybe I have a chance of keeping these resolutions throughout the year. I've also learned a lot this year. Therefore, instead of writing about what will come of this new year, I'll reflect on what did come of this past year.

Sleep is a gift. It is a wonderful thing that recharges, keeps us sane, makes babies less cranky and easier to manage. I missed it desperately for months, and now I treasure every moment of it.

Saving money is wise. You never realize how broke you are until you have children. Clipping coupons, buying store brands, doing more shopping at Costco, price checking until your fingers hurt and your eyes sting--it's all very, very worth it.

Being selfish is important. I've never had to take care of anyone like I have to take care of these girls. Most of the time, things I need or want are put on the back-burner for them. For sanity's sake, though, sometimes I have to be a little selfish and do something for myself.

Having a shoulder to lean on is necessary. I've gotten tons of support from my friends and family, but I've also found an entire community of women at who make getting through the day-to-day much easier. I love everyone who supports me--in reality and virtually.

Love is fierce. I love lots of people in lots of ways, but I've never known love like I have for Lillie and Dani. I've also found a new level of love for the people who were already in my life. It's amazing. It's scary. It leaves me awestruck on a regular basis.

Change is the only constant. I may have this tattooed on my body somewhere. Good, bad, ugly, beautiful--everything changes and shifts. I must always remember that the bad things won't last. I have to remember that the good things don't always last as well. If I can do that, my sanity might just stay loosely intact.

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  1. On your "love is fierce" comment, one thing that surprised me from becoming a parent was recognizing how much I love my kids and then realizing that my parents must feel that same way about me. Growing up, you know your parents love you, but I never realized how much until I had kids of my own.