Friday, August 13, 2010

Six Month Report

The girls have made it halfway through their first year. They are both in one piece, and Tim and I still have the majority of our sanity. Woo!

Lillie (top): 16lbs, 2.5oz
Dani: 15lbs, 3.5oz

The big milestone of the month--Lillie sprouted her first tooth (and I see hints of second one in there). She's gnawing on everything she can get her hands on. Her pacifier is starting to get little marks on it, so I know she will soon need a new one.

Speaking of new pacis (pacies? pacys?), Dani has moved on to a Playtex Binky. She still prefers her Soothie when sleeping, but she uses the Binky most of the day. I'm so proud of her! Lillie is a little more particular, but I think she'll eventually take to the new one herself.

Both girls are sitting up better. Neither is fully sitting on her own yet, but I don't think we're too far away from that. Actually, I think they're more interested in crawling the sitting, so who knows. I might have crawlers before I have sitters!

The girls have also expanded their palettes to include green beans, peas, carrots, peaches, yellow & butternut squash. All of these were mostly prepared by me, so I'm quite proud of everyone! They are eating extremely well. Both will open their mouths quite wide for food and clean their bowls every single time. At this point, I cannot imagine they will be picky eaters, but I'm sure the day will come.

They're still off and on with the sleeping. Some days they'll sleep until 7 and some days (lately especially) they're up at 4 and need some help getting back to sleep. Dani is pretty much sleeping through the night. We check on her a couple of times. Lillie is waking up more often, but I think it's due to her little teeth.  Who knows. The sleep thing is still the big stress in my life, but I'm getting better at handling it.

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