Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Web Love

I just wanted to direct everyone's attention to some great sites.

First up, my friend Mindy. Like me, she was already a furry mama (to some absolutely adorable dogs) but now she's a mom-to-be of the human variety. Check our her words of wisdom at mamaanddog.wordpress.com.

Next, Ohdeedoh. It's a little obsession of mine. You can find everything from nursery design to DIY projects for your kids. I love it there!

Next, Twinstuff. If you're a MoM (mom of multiples), this place has a plethora of information and support. I love all the articles and especially the forum. It's so nice to know that there are other moms in the same boat as you. 

And finally, The Bump. This site will take you from TTC through the first year. Fun and informative articles, great pictures, a nice Q&A section and also a very helpful forum.

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