Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Nursery, Part 1

It's time. Someone bought the futon a couple of weeks ago. The big dresser was moved into the closet, and we bought all the paint. Starting this past weekend, we began working on the nursery. I know there are far more important things to do when preparing for babies, but putting the nursery together is fun as well as useful. It's also one of the many things new parents can do to feel a real sense of accomplishment before the little ones arrive.

I don't know how many parts I will be sharing since I may have the patience to wait for the rest of the furniture. If that happens, then there will only be one sequel. But since we all know patience isn't really one of my attributes, this is probably part one of a trilogy.

We are not sharing the names with everyone just yet, so I've blocked out the name art on the wall. Also, if you would like to see any of the pictures bigger, you should be able to just click on them.

A money-saving tip for everyone out there--if you plan to do a mural or just highlight with some color, buy the sample paint. It costs just around $2 and you get high quality wall paint!

Since I'm not supposed to do a lot of painting (even though we bought no VOC Olympic paint from Lowes), Tim did most of the painting. I did some cutting in around the door as well as the details on the mural.

All the walls are in Vanilla Brandy. The bottom half  of the mural wall (the hills of the mural) are in Hot Chocolate. We definitely went for yummy colors. Plus I think the neutrals make all the bright colors pop more.

Here's the finished base--chocolatey hills with a vanilla sky.

Here's the beginning of the flowers. Without any buds, they look like corn stalks, don't they?

Cali was very wary of the tape ball Tim put on the closet door. As soon as it started to fall, she bolted!

The entire mural.

Showing Baby A her crib. :)

I really love the black crib against the wall colors.

Some mural details... plus the little red bird by the light switch.

Next post will hopefully have more decorations and maybe some bedding (ooooh, aaaaaah). My only concern at the moment is how well our big recliner is going to fit in the room. We may have to do a little re-thinking on the set-up, but we didn't go into this without a plan. We made sure all the pieces we have will fit, and we'll make them work!


  1. Oh.. what an adorable nursery for the wee ones. I love the simplicity to the mural. The black cribs really do shine against the wall.

    How exciting!

  2. Amazing job on the painting! I love the nursery!

    Very exciting time in your life! Glad that you're blogging your journey. This will be so much fun to look back on.


  3. so cute and inspiring. I was happy when hubby put up shelves and hung the cute drapes I got. ..LOL